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Contracting Department

LANDER ELECTRIC's contracting division provides complete services for all of your electrical needs. Our goal is to provide you with a one company solution. Toward that end, we provide the following services:

Electrical Installation
Home Integration
Lighting Control
Audio / Video
Communication / Security
Window Coverings


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Control and Systems Integration

* Includes system design and installation for single room to whole house control with integration systems.

Though life may get more complicated, your home environment need not. Control and systems integration uniquely brings all of your systems together and provides complete control of your home. By combining various systems within your home, we can create an "inter-reactive" environment where each individual system can trigger global actions by all of the others. Home integration can be global or designed specifically around one room.

As an example, a "Good Night" button could turn off all unwanted lighting, set dim lighting paths for your children, turn off audio and video components, set your heating and cooling system to an evening temperature, and close window coverings. All of this accomplished with a simple press of one button!

Our system design provides the control you want. We listen to you, and provide simple and intuitive control systems.

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